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What to Expect in a Session

In your first session, your counselor will aim to gather information and may be a little more directive in attempting to gain an understanding of you, your background, your needs, and your goals. You may see your counselor being active in a different way in following sessions, encouraging you, helping you gain a deeper sense of self-awareness, pointing out patterns, and helping you process painful emotions. In every session, your counselor will aim to deepen the therapeutic bond.

A Note Regarding the Therapeutic Bond

The relationship created between a counselor and a client is a unique one. We form an alliance in our sessions that builds over time. This alliance is focused on you and your personal needs, and you're in the driver's seat. We are here to explore where you take us on your terms, while also gently challenging you to face what's in front of you. Our focus is what is working for you, and we extend genuine care, respect, and empathy within every facet of our therapeutic relationship.

With that being said, not every counselor is a fit for every client. If you feel that you are not clicking with your counselor, please do not feel that counseling is not for you. Every counselor has a unique approach. Additionally, if there is simply something missing or you feel that your counselor could adjust their approach, feel free to discuss this with your counselor.Within our therapeutic relationship, counseling is a safe, healthy place to discuss and explore difficult topics (even when about your counselor).

Session Fees

LPC-Associates have completed schooling and are under the supervision of a tenured counselor until full licensure is obtained. Fees for a 50 minute session are $130.
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
A fully licensed LPC has completed the necessary 3000 counseling hours and is required to obtain continuing education units each year to stay updated on mental health topics and approaches. Fees for a 50 minute session are $150.
Group Counseling
Group fees can range from $40-70 per group member each week for a 1.5-2.5 hour group, depending on what type of group is being conducted. Check back in for our upcoming group counseling schedule.
Occasionally, we will host events related to mental health, and fees will vary depending on the event. Check back in for our upcoming event schedule.