Ashley burks, Ma, LPC-Associate

Supervised by Kara Grant, LPC-S, CDWF, SEP

Ashley Burks, counselor therapist in the woodlands, tx; Mental health counseling; therapy and counseling for relational trauma, anxiety, depression, attachment work, and nervous system and somatic work for individuals including pre-teens, teens, and adults

About Ashley

Empowering Change: Your Journey to Healing and Wellness

How do we begin this journey? We can recognize something does not feel right or that every day has become an exhausting experience. How do you actually work toward things becoming different, though? This is where I have the privilege of joining in this experience with you. As your counselor, it is my commitment to walk alongside you in this therapeutic process and provide a foundation to stand on. In this space, you are encouraged to show up fully as you are and honor the parts of you reaching out to be heard. Through counseling, we begin to hear the messages your mind and body have been sending. Ultimately, you can grow in touch with your own ability to handle different waves of life.

Educational Background

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Sam Houston State University and Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Sam Houston State University. During my educational journey, I had the privilege of serving survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, which provided me the opportunity to receive training on trauma-informed care. Further, I specifically gained knowledge in the application of Polyvagal Theory and Relationally Focused Treatment. I now continually develop my counseling style focused on connecting mind and body to facilitate healing in all areas of life.

What to Expect in Session

Sometimes we do not have the words to be able to verbally express our experiences and that is absolutely okay! We process in many ways and I am passionate about incorporating modalities beyond verbal communication in my counseling sessions. This might include using creative expression such as art, music, writing, poetry, and even physical movement.

Therapy looks different for everyone. I believe that sessions should be shaped to meet the needs of your mind and body. My approach as your counselor is to meet you exactly where you are. For some, this may mean coming in and diving into deep wounds, while for others it means slowly leaning into the process. Whether an adult, teenager, or pre-teen, we all have intuitive knowledge of when we are ready to process the difficult experiences of life. My role is to continuously provide a space where you get to choose what the therapeutic connection looks like for you.

Taking the First Step

It can be a nerve-wracking experience to come into the first session, especially when fear has pushed down the reasons for coming to therapy for so long. It is my hope to provide a space that is surrounded in comfort and safety. Overall, I aim to provide you with a place where you can settle your nervous system and experience connection. I would be honored to walk alongside you in your journey to help discover what healing looks like for you.

We May Be a Good Fit If...

  • You want to grow into deeper connection with your mind, body, and spirit.
  • You desire to find emotional regulation whether you are in the calm or the storm.
  • You have developed relational wounds and want to discover safety in connection.
  • You are looking to uncover and understand the lost parts of yourself.
  • You want to learn about your nervous system and the ways it communicates.
  • You are an adolescent with big behaviors and feelings that you (and parents!) are trying to understand.
  • You need someone to be with you on this journey who is a safe, stable place to land.

Get to know Ashley

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