Hannah Smith, Counseling Intern

Currently completing supervised internship at Sam Houston State University

Hannah Smith

About Hannah

As we grow and age we are constantly confronted with new situations and experiences that we must learn to adapt to and cope with. Many times it’s difficult to know what to do in these new situations, yet somehow we are often expected by the world around us to know exactly what to do the first time it occurs. I think those standards sound pretty high, and that’s why my goal as your counselor is to help you learn to process those experiences, to provide new tools to meet your needs, and to support you as you begin to decide how to move those obstacles and create positive growth in your life.

I believe you are capable of meeting your own needs, I simply provide a space for processing, self-learning, and growth. I am passionate about exploring depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relationships to help you live empowered and I specialize in Cognitive Therapies and pull from Adlerian Therapy to support goals that we collaboratively set to meet your needs. Together, we will explore how your thoughts and feelings effect your life and how past experiences might still be influencing your experience today.

I value the power of healthy and effective communication. I have completed Level 1 training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and use Gottman Method Couples Therapy in my work with couples to promote healthy communication between you and significant relationships in your life. I have experience working with children and teens and am currently pursuing my Certification in Play Therapy.

Play Therapy techniques are incredibly fun and powerful as children use toys, art, and play to communicate their experiences and needs. Developmentally, children often don’t have the words or understanding for their experiences or bigger feelings at young ages, so it would be silly to have them sit in a chair and talk for an hour. Instead, I get to join their world through play and gain insight into their experiences and feelings, and empower them to identify and cope with those feelings.

Contact us to schedule with Hannah at: admin@mindfulmovementscounseling.com