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We occasionally provide events for mental health professionals and the community, as well as group counseling for children, teens, and adults.


Join Mindful Movements Counseling Center as we present on a different mental health topic each month while enjoying light snacks and healthy “mocktails” that are good for your mental (and physical) health! Hosted once monthly by one of the counselors at our practice, you can expect to learn about different aspects of mental health, and also connect with others in the community. These events are good for mental health professionals as well as anyone interested in learning more about why we do the things we do as humans and how to cope with the challenges we face. Registration is required as space is limited. Sign up for each month’s event below.

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Mocktails and Mental Health

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Dear Younger Me

May 17th 7:30-9:00
A fun and lighthearted experience to allow your younger self to be heard and validated as we explore mistaken beliefs developed in childhood that impact your present, and create self-acceptance for little you - all while enjoying a healthy and alcohol free mocktail with other mental health advocates. | Presenter: Mikayla Williams, MA, LPC, NCC | Appropriate for: any adult female that is interested in mental health. Sign up below!
healthy mocktails for mocktails and mental health event


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Counseling groups can be a great way to gain connection, insight, validation, and a new perspective alongside individuals that have experienced something similar. A counselor is present to help facilitate group conversations so that everyone has the opportunity to share in a safe and respectful environment, great for both the talkers and the quiet ones alike. Group counseling is great both before and after participating in individual counseling, because the group will meet you at any point in your journey. Some people like to dip their toe in with group counseling before beginning individual, and others like to go to group counseling as a sort of maintenance. Wherever you are on your healing journey, check out our counseling groups below.



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The Safe Spot

For Kids & Tweens aged 10-13, the Safe Spot is a 5-week group for kids to build their social skills. We'll focus on understanding our nervousness, taking control of our thoughts and actions, and strengthening our conversation skills. This group is aimed to provide a safe spot to step out of our comfort zone all while utilizing arts and crafts to connect with others.
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Child Parent Relationship Training

CRPT is a 6-week virtual therapeutic parenting skills group for any parent looking for guidance and support. Research has shown that CRPT can reduce or eliminate behavior problems, enhance the parent-child relationship as well as your marital relationship, increase children's self-esteem and self-confidence as well as a sense of responsibility and self-control. Workbook included that you will take home!
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Growing Self-Esteem

For Middle School Girls Saturdays 1:00-2:30 9/9-10/7
The debut of a highly anticipated and much needed group - we're excited to present a group all about building up confidence and self-efficacy in the young women of our community. Our focus will be to help middle school girls identify their strengths, promote their self-worth, encourage optimist, instill hope for the future, and create healthy connections with others. Our goal is to help attendees find worth from within.

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