Jeff Matthews, Me.D., LPC, CSC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Jeff Matthews counseling in The Woodlands.

About Jeff

Nice job looking at this website–it means you’re already thinking about taking steps to make things better. As your counselor, I aim to be your calming, supportive, optimistic-but-realistic collaborator, helping you feel at ease with the entire process, and meeting you where you are in defining and achieving goals to help yourself or your loved ones.

Embarking on Your Healing Journey with Me

I offer individual therapy to adults of all ages and affiliations–my door is wide open, and you’ll find a safe, judgment-free zone no matter who you are, no matter what life obstacles or mental health challenges you’re facing. I also specialize in child/adolescent/parent therapy, drawing on experience in high school and elementary school counseling and behavioral support. Further, I work with all religions, politics, and LGBTQ+ experiencing challenging parent/child dynamics, behavioral concerns, depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, suicide and suicidal ideation, addiction, and social/emotional challenges.

Specialized Expertise

I have business and media degrees from the University of Texas at Austin, and received my counseling master’s degree from Sam Houston State University; my previous careers in the corporate world and education allow me to bring a unique counseling perspective to helping adults, children, and families. While I’ve lived coast-to-coast from California to Florida, I have deep roots in the Woodlands/Spring/Conroe area and the wonderful multicultural populace we have here (let’s talk crawfish).

A Customized Approach to Your Well-Being

I look forward to connecting with those from any walk of life who are looking for understanding and support. I use person-centered therapy that gives a client the right environment to gently process and work through their issues, but I can also employ more directive therapies such as solution-focused and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). Reach out and we can talk about what works best for you.

We may be a good fit it...

  • You need a safe, objective, non-judgmental place to express your thoughts, feelings and problems
  • You feel lost or stuck in your life and need help getting going
  • You feel depressed, anxious, or stressed and are wondering what to do
  • You have trouble or conflict in relationships, such as family members, partners, etc.
  • You are having difficulty breaking a habit, behavior, fear, or addiction
  • You are struggling with past or current trauma and the way it impacts you an/or your loved ones
  • You feel alone, isolated, or not comfortable sharing your identify or true thoughts with people in your life
  • You need a supportive, embarrassment-free zone to express your issues and get help

Get to know Jeff

If you or someone you know is in crisis or may be in danger, please seek immediate help. The following 24-hour hotline and resources can provide you with the support you need.
Houston Crisis Intervention Resource.