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Welcome to Mindful Movements Counseling Center, your trusted destination for high-quality counseling services in The Woodlands area.

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Curious about what to expect during your sessions? At Mindful Movements Counseling Center, our dedicated mental health counselors take a personalized approach to your journey. To begin with, they'll initiate by gathering information, then gradually shift to a more directive approach in understanding your background, needs, and goals. Along the way, they'll provide encouragement, facilitate deeper self-awareness, identify patterns, and support you in processing challenging emotions. In each session, we focus on enhancing the therapeutic bond.

A Note Regarding the Therapeutic Bond

We prioritize the unique relationship between counselor and client at Mindful Movements Counseling Center. Consequently, in our sessions, we cultivate an alliance that evolves over time, focusing on your personal needs, with you firmly in control. As we navigate your path on your terms, we gently, yet purposefully, guide you to confront challenges. Most importantly, our unwavering commitment is to your well-being, with genuine care, profound respect, and deep empathy woven into every aspect of our therapeutic connection.

That said, we understand that not every counselor is a perfect fit for every client. Therefore, if you ever feel you're not connecting with your counselor, don't hastily assume that counseling isn't right for you. Remember, every counselor brings a unique approach to the table. If something feels amiss or you believe an adjustment is needed, please openly discuss it with your counselor. Within our therapeutic relationship, Mindful Movements Counseling Center consistently offers a secure, supportive space to address even the most challenging topics.

Session Fees

Your Investment in Wellness 
Wondering about session fees? At Mindful Movements Counseling Center, we offer various options to meet your mental health needs:
LPC-Associates have completed schooling and are under the supervision of a tenured counselor until full licensure is obtained. Fees for a 50 minute session are $130.
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
A fully licensed LPC has completed the necessary 3000 counseling hours and is required to obtain continuing education units each year to stay updated on mental health topics and approaches. Fees for a 50 minute session are $150.
Group Counseling
Group fees can range from $40-70 per group member each week for a 1.5-2.5 hour group, depending on what type of group is being conducted. Check back in for our upcoming group counseling schedule.
Occasionally, we will host events related to mental health, and fees will vary depending on the event. Check back in for our upcoming event schedule.
If you or someone you know is in crisis or may be in danger, please seek immediate help. The following 24-hour hotline and resources can provide you with the support you need.
Houston Crisis Intervention Resource.