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At Mindful Movements Counseling, our mission is to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for your unique mental health journey. Meet our dedicated team, each committed to guiding you through life's challenges. Explore their profiles to begin your journey to wellness today.

Owner of Mindful Movements Counseling Center
Focus in sandtray therapy, expressive art techniques, and faith-based counseling for individuals including adults and adolescents experiencing grief and loss, trauma and PTSD, attachment work, post-partum struggles, and depression
Supervised by Nicole Ponce, LPC-S, LCDC
Focus in faith based counseling for adults and adolescents with childhood and complex trauma, attachment issues, anxiety, grief, life transitions, self-exploration and identity, and
social/emotional challenges
Focus in helping clients to develop empathy, nurturance, and responsibility, and model other skills like forgiveness and patience. Qualifications include STAR training, which taught him obedience and how to be a service animal/therapy dog, happily servicing Kenna's clients
Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor
Focus in trauma and EMDR, PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief, faith-based counseling, and pre-marital and marital issues in couples, families, individuals and teens
Supervised by Lanice Chappell Bennett, MS, LPC-S, NCC
Focus in anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationship concerns, intersectionality of identities, grief and loss, and trauma for individuals including young adults (college students) and adults.
Licensed Professional Counselor
Focus in individuals including children, teens, and adults of all religions, politics, and LGBTQ+ experiencing challenging parent/child dynamics, behavioral concerns, depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, suicide and suicidal ideation, addiction, and social/emotional challenges
Supervised by Kara Grant, LPC-S, CDWF, SEP
Focus in relational trauma, anxiety, depression, attachment work, and nervous system and somatic work for individuals including pre-teens, teens, and adults
Supervised by Cheryl Butler, LPC-S
Focus in life-changes, anxiety, depression, social relationships, self-esteem, body image, and faith-based counseling for adolescents and young adults
Focus on teens and adults ages 12+ experiencing anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationship challenges, life transitions, trauma, career counseling, veterans, women’s issues, and sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) related concerns
Supervised by Dr. Yvonne Garza-Chaves, PhD, LPC-S
Focus in sports counseling for athletes, life transitions, trauma, social and emotional issues, depression, and anxiety for individuals including adolescents and adults
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Zayne Simmons

Director of Operations
If you or someone you know is in crisis or may be in danger, please seek immediate help. The following 24-hour hotline and resources can provide you with the support you need.
Houston Crisis Intervention Resource.